Saturday Surfing, Feb. 13, 2021

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Hello, Saturday!
Hi and happy Saturday, friend! and happy Valentine’s Day weekend.

วันนี้คุณเป็นอย่างไร? I’m pretty good, just sitting here pondering what to paint on my paws this week. I’m leaning toward this fierce red from Chanel called Anthurium.


คุณคิดอย่างไร? Do you ever wear red nails? I did it for like two years straight in high school when I went through my 1940s phase. Red lips and nails were my thing there for a while, but I don’t wear red nail polish very typically now… I still like them from time to time though, especially on short nails. I think it’s very chic.

What’s the plan for today? I hope there’s something on your agenda that makes you feel good. as for tomorrow, no plans for me. It’ll be a home-based pandemic Valentine’s Day, likely involving some chocolate and at least one rom-com on TV.

On that note…onto today’s reading! ?


เสื้อสเวตเตอร์แมวและแต่งหน้า ??

$ 42


Favorite story of the week ——-> ‘I’m Not a Cat,’ says lawyer having Zoom Difficulties

I had a Zoom call with Connor’s kindergarten teacher and all of the other parents, and now I deeply regret not turning myself into a cat for that. Here’s how to transform yourself into a fabulous feline, for future reference.

Allegedly, these 25 dog breeds get along well with the kittehs.

Celebrate your gal pals this Galentine’s Day with these quarantine-approved party ideas.

Meet the perfume expert who knows what Queen Victoria smelled like.

10 Black-owned beauty brands you can shop on Amazon.

These peeps have quit social media.

Look at the eyes, OMG! สนุกมาก!

Hello, can I do my eye makeup in an elevator?

This is fascinating!

You probably don’t want to go for walk here…

I’m thinking of trying Differin.

When you’re tired of cooking but ya keep doing it anyways…

Adding to my wish list..

I can’t stop looking at her tattoo.


In case you need it

Sing along with me, will ya?


I’m playing this right now.


Speaking of Toni Basil…


Have an extraordinary Saturday and Sunday! sending virtual Valentine’s hugs… may there also be chocolate in your (and my) near future. ??



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